A fresh face!

We decided to go with indigo for the upcoming year

The studio was happy to have contemporary Caribbean artist Sheena Rose share her performance art with us. Sheena facilitated a workshop with boys who are part of the In Pulse Art Project,  a social art initiative to empower the Jamaican youth through the visual arts in Kingston undertaken by the Rubis Mécénat cultural fund.  

Krystal Ball exhibited her work which peers into mental health and illness in Jamaica

Studio 174 presents at the Tate, Britain

Jamila Cooper introduces ‘The Smallest Step: Conversations with the Self‘, a collaborative project with artists Venezia Johnson and Rosemarie Chung. Through photographs and two LED text works, this exhibition explores emotional mapping and long-term artistic processes undertaken with and by women living and working in Downtown Kingston, Jamaica.

Conversation becomes a tool for resistance and a device for self-exploration. These works reflect a profound intersection between private and public worlds. Exploring and redefining presence, dialogue, expression and action confronting impossible environments where abuse is condoned, the project addresses personal and communal safety, security, self-confidence, strength and support as the major goals and themes of this women-led exhibition. Watch the video here