STUDIO 174 has created murals on walls throughout kingston, including pieces in Tivoli Gardens, Tower Street and the Digicel Building.

'No Limits' is one of a Studio 174 art and education programs, bringing together local artists and the community of Down Town Kingston. 'No Limits' is planned and created by the Studio 174 artists. This video is the first in series of upcoming episodes. It is conceptualised, planned and created by the Studio 174 artists in order to support and reinforce community based art practice.

In 2009 saw a colaboraton between studio 174 and Institute of Jamaica to paint the facade of the Reggae Museum. All forms of Jamaican music are represented on the wall from mento, ska and blue beat to reggae and dancehall.

In 2011 Studio 174 collaborated with telecomunicatios company Digicel to transform the building site of their new Downtown headquaters through the painting of murals on the zinc fences surrounding the area. Artists chose to depict scenes from the iconic coronation market and from 1914 Kingston. Upon completion of the building, the painted zinc panels were given away to local residents and integrated into the community, both as art pieces and as structural materials

in 2010 Artits from Studio 174 worked with detained youth from Tivoli Gardens to create a mural on their local community centre as part of an art therapy project. 

In 2013 Digicel commisioned studio 174 to paint a major mural in the afluent neighbourhood of New Kingston. The project marked the first time that youths from Downtown were invited to paint walls int the area and giant reproductions of the piece now adorn the interior walls of Digicel's headquaters.

Following the 2010 troubles in Tivoli Gardens, Kingston, Studio 174 joined with Manifesto Jamaica and local children to create a peace garden in the neighbourhood, offering residents hope and an alternative to violence.

In Spring 2O15 work began on a major new mural by Studio 174 at Downtown Kingston's Secret Garden; a memorial space dedicated to children killed under viloent circumstances. Produced in collaboration with the local community, the mural will depict the lives, aspirations and potential of Jamaica's youth in a piece which commemorates the past while looking to the future.